WPA follows the New Zealand Association of Modern Dance (NZAMD) jazz syllabus, which was the first New Zealand based dance examination organisation, and is now one of the largest in the country.

Students are encouraged to sit jazz exams or medal tests. All students will learn the syllabus throughout the year, and will decide whether they wish to sit the full syllabus (exam) or a medal test (dance). Both are rewarding and are catered to suit the needs of each dancer.

Gravity Jazz

We nurture our junior jazz students through our Gravity classes with experienced teachers who promote the love of dance, while developing good, foundational technique.  Our classes are fun, and we provide a safe environment where children can celebrate their milestones, as they are ready.  

Grade 1 - Grade 3

Designed to introduce children to dance and the examination system, these grades are suitable for any student to join regardless of experience.  Modern music and movement encourages the young dancer to develop rhythm, co-ordination, and an enjoyment of dance in a stimulating and energetic environment.

Grade 4 - Advanced

Designed for those with previous dance experience, the syllabus includes comprehensive warm ups, stretches, floor work, progressions from corners with turns, kicks and jumps and fun combinations.

These classes are suitable for the once a week student, as well as the dancer who is aiming for a career in dance.

Gravity Jazz                                             5.5 - 7
Gravity Jazz 27 - 8
Grade 1                                                          8 - 9
Grade 3                       10+
Grade 4 Jazz                                            11+
Pre-Elementary Jazz12+
Elementary Jazz13+
Open Jazz12+

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