WPA follows both the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet syllabus and the newly choreographed New Zealand Association of Modern Dance (NZAMD) ballet syllabus.  In our classes we teach the beautiful, classical elements of ballet, and also the modern neo classical styles, encouraging versatility in our dancers.  Classes consist of interactive warm-ups for the younger children; barre work; and centre practice, where students engage in fun and challenging dance sequences, and use props creatively.  Students follow graded syllabi which foster the development of sound technique, musicality and performance skills. 

We encourage our students to take pride in their accomplishments and their continued developing abilities. For this reason, exams are encouraged to give students a goal to work towards. However, they are not compulsory. Our priority is ensuring children enjoy their classes.


Gravity Ballet

We nurture our junior ballet students through our Gravity classes with experienced teachers who promote the love of dance, while developing good, foundational technique.  Our classes are fun, and we provide a safe environment where children can celebrate their milestones, as they are ready.  Children will be offered the opportunity to participate in class awards which introduce them to the exam scenario in an exciting, non-threatening way.

Graded Classes

During the middle and senior years, the graded levels encourage and challenge students to reach their potential and give them new, fun and engaging challenges at each level, maintaining a consistent progression of technical development.  Students attend at least two ballet classes each week.  We encourage our students to complete each level with an examination, although these are not compulsory.  Students working toward fulltime training and those with hopes of a career in dance can take a vocational syllabus.  Many students aspire to dancing en pointe when they have developed sufficient strength and technique.  It is permissible to continue our ballet classes and sit exams without dancing en pointe. 

Gravity Ballet                                                                    5 - 6
Rosette 3 Ballet Award7 - 8

Grade 2 Ballet                                                    9+
Grade 4 Ballet           11+
Ballet Majors 713+
Ballet Majors 814+

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