What students and parents have to say...

Dance family

"WPA is my dance family. I love going to class, learning new things and being with my friends."

Teaching to foster the love of dance

"Thanks Nikki, dancing makes Esme's soul feel alive!  She loves it so much now she feels like she can do it!"

So welcoming

"Thank you for being so welcoming. We wish we'd come here sooner!"

Opportunities to perform

"WPA offers kids of all ages and abilities an environment to learn dance and build friendships. Having two shows a year means kids get more opportunities to perform for friends and family, and the end of year show is an extravaganza that will blow your socks off!"

Congratulations on the show - it was incredible.  I loved everything - the dancers, the costumes, the theme, the energy and the organisation.  It was outstanding and definitely one of the best.  And most importantly, the dancers were enjoying themselves.

Congrats and so well done! It was so cool to watch, they all did so well, it flowed so seamlessly, and wow the Can Can at the end... so much choreography, and those girls must be super fit!!   I loved seeing the energy and girls loving what they are doing shining through.

Community Participation

What an amazing performance...your dancers are all to be congratulated on such a fine performance. It was indeed a show-stopper which attracted thousands of enthusiastic onlookers....so many appreciative comments and delight. Heritage Mahurangi were absolutely thrilled that the girls were able to rally and provide such a spectacle.  We were all very proud and the event certainly added a real flavour to the day.

Achievement and Acknowledgement

I just wanted to express my gratitude, for nurturing, encouraging and challenging my girls, and for them to achieve results at such a high standard.  Thank you for acknowledging them and their hard work and their joy in dance.  And thank you for a wonderful show.  Far and above the most wonderful, professional show the girls have ever been involved with.  It was a joy to watch and be part of.  The girls and I are looking forward to another wonderful year.  

Returning and Progressing

We are very excited to continue dancing with WPA! Del loves that she gets to be in the Rosette classes :) 

Self-confidence to dance freely

"WPA has given me self-confidence to dance freely. I like how the teachers focus on your mistakes and show and tell you how to fix them, but then when we do the moves correctly and we've been working on them they congratulate us which makes us feel amazing and like we've really achieved something."

Organisation and Communication with families

Thank you for preparing the pack, can’t imagine that to be an easy task but it made the process easy and really helpful.


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